As part of its mission and advocacy, PIPPA submits its position, proposals and comments on policies and programs as well as legislation that affect the power industry.

Amendments to WESM Rules
Letter to PEMC-RCC
Comments Annex A

APDM Amendments
Letter to PEMC-RCC
Administered Price Determination Proposal
Comments to PEMC Proposed Amendments to APDM

Generator Report Forms
Letter to GMC
PIPPA Comments

House Bill 5305
Letter to Rep. Umali
PIPPA Comments

ILP Rules Amendment
Letter to ERC
Comments Matrix

Manual on Management of Must Run and Must Stop Units (MRU-MSU)
Letter to PEMC-RCC
PIPPA Comments

Petition of Matuwid na Singil sa Kuryente Consumer Alliance, Inc. (MSK)
Letter to ERC
PIPPA Position Paper

Preferential Dispatch
Letter to PEMC-RCC
Comments - Annex A
Comments - Annex B

RES Licensing and Contestability
Letter to ERC
Annex A - PIPPA on Contestability
Annex A - Members on Contestability
Annex B - PIPPA on Licensing
Annex B - Members on Licensing

TOR for NGCP Operations
Letter to ERC-ROS
Review of NGCP SO
PIPPA Comments

WESM Manuals
Letter to RCC-PEMC
PIPPA Comments
FirstGen Comments

Regulatory Costs
Comments on ERC Resolution on Regulatory Costs

Energy and Contracted Reserves
Letter to DOE Re: Request for Deferment of Central Scheduling and Dispatch of Energy and Contracted Reserves

IPP Guidelines
Letter to DTI re IPP Guidelines

CCTV Installation
PIPPA Position on CCTV Installation on Stacks of Fuel Burning Resources

Capacity Data
2013-2012 Comparative Capacities
2013 Power Plant Ownership
2013 Power Plants Capacity Mix
2013 Power Plants Luzon
2013 Power Plants Visayas
2013 Power Plants Mindanao

ERC Resolutions
PIPPA Petition on ERC Resolution No. 8
AECOM Advice to PIPPA re ERC Resolution 16

Energy Meeting
EPBN Energy Committee Meeting

Rationalization of Fiscal Incentives
PIPPA Comments on Senate Bills re: Rationalization of Fiscal Incentives

Offer Price Cap Determination
PIPPA Letter to DoE, ERC, PEMC
PIPPA Position Paper on Offer Price Cap

Power Rate and Supply
Position Paper on Power Rate and Supply

House Bill 3958
Letter to Committee on Energy on HB 3958

Distribution Utilities PSA Rules Draft
PIPPA Position Paper - Draft PSA Rules

Mindanao Power Outlook
PIPPA Presentation on Mindanao Outlook

Setting Interim Mitigating Measure on WESM
GBP Comments

Reserve Market Implementation
Letter to DOE on Reserve Market Implementation

House BIll 3847
Letter to Cong Umali on HB 3847

Proposals on EPIRA Review
PIPPA Proposals on EPIRA Review

House Bills No. 3633 & 3676; HB 3743 & 3751
Comments on HB 3633 and HB 3676
Comments on HB 3743 and HB 3751

Fiscal Incentives for Business Enterprises
Comments on SB 35 and SB 987

Suggestions to Reduce Generation Charge
Generation Charge Reduction Suggestions

PIPPA on Proposed PGC Amendments
Comments on Proposed PGC Amendments

Proposed Rules on Power Supply Agreements
Letter to ERC - Comments on the Proposed Rules re PSA

Letter to DOE re PIPPA Position on IMEM

Transmission and Wheeling Rates
Comments on Proposed Amendments to the Rules in Setting Transmission and Wheeling Rates

RES License Amendment
Comments on Draft Resolution of RES License Amendment

House Bills No. 256; No. 351; No. 1431
Comments on HBs No. 256; No. 351; No. 1431

RCC Proposed Changes
DOE Reply dated April 15, 2013 re RCC proposed changes

ERC Rate Setting
Letter to ERC rate setting

2013 IPP
2013-011 Reply to BOI
Letter to BOI_2013 IPP

ERC Resolution No. 16
ERC Resolution No. 16, Series of 2011

Draft RMC to Address VAT Issues
Letter to BIR dated Nov. 15, 2012.pdf
Draft RMC on WESM transactions - v5.docx
Draft RMC on WESM Transactions.pptx

House Bill 6214: Strengthening NEA
HB No. 6214 - National Electrification.pdf

Position Paper on MRU
Letter to DOE - Position Paper on MRU.pdf

Draft Guidelines for PCO accreditation
PIPPA Position - Draft Guidelines for PCO Accreditation.pdf

Comments on Draft DENR AO on PM2.5 and PEISS
Position Paper to DENR-EMB - comments on DAO PM2.5 and PEISS.pdf

2012 IPP
PIPPA Position Paper - Proposed 2012 IPP.pdf
DOE Position Paper TO BOI - 2012 IPP.pdf
MPPCL Position Paper - 2012 IPP.pdf
PIPPA Position Paper - Delisting of Energy in the 2012 IPP.pdf

PIPPA Position Paper on Fiscal Incentives
PIPPA Position Paper to Committee on Ways and Means re fiscal incentives.pdf

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Bill.pdf
Comments on Renewable Energy Bill.pdf

Proposed Investment Priorities Plan
Proposed Investment Priorities Plan.pdf
Comments on Investment Prioritiy Plan.pdf
Comments on Proposed 2009 IPP.pdf

Proposed Philippine Grid Code revision
Proposed Philippine Grid Code Revision - Letter to NGCP.pdf

Pending VAT Bills
Position on Pending VAT Bills.pdf

Amendments to EPIRA
EPIRA Ammendment.pdf
Public Offering under the EPIRA.pdf

Philippine Power Industry Situationer and Next Steps
JCPC - Philippine Power Industry Situationer and Next Steps.pptx

NEA Annual Planning 2011
NEA Annual Planning 2011.pptx

Presentation for Energy Journalists and Powertech Business Forum
Presentation for Energy Journalists and Powertech Business Forum.pptx

ERC Resolution No. 16, Series of 2011
ERC Resolution No. 16, Series of 2011.pdf

PIPPA Position paper on ERC Resolution No. 16
PIPPA Position Paper on ERC Res. No. 16, series of 2011.pdf

PIPPA Supplemental position paper on ERC Resolution No. 16
PIPPA Supplemental Position Paper on ERC Res. No. 16.pdf

Presentation during NGCP SO - Luzon and Vizayas Generator Interface Meeting on October 6, 2011
Luzon And Visayas 2011-2014 Power Outlook.pdf
Outage Classification.pdf
Luzon Major Projects For 2012.pdf
Visayas Major Projects For 2012.pdf
HVDC Protocol.pdf
Dispatch Protocol.pdf

Presentation during NGCP SO – Mindanao Generator Interface Meeting on November 15, 2011
Power Outlook 2011-2014.pdf
Outage Classification.pdf
2012 Mindanao Grid Devt Program.pdf
Frequency Control thru ALD.pdf
AGC Presentation.pdf
Dispatch Implementation.pdf


Arangkada Philippines Forum 2017

Join the Arangkada Philippines Forum 2017 on 14 September 2017 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Manila.

ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017

Join the 2nd annual ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 in Manila.

Asia Power Week 2017

Make plans to attend Asia Power Week 2017 on September 19-21 at the BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand.