CalEnergy Philippines

CALENERGY PHILIPPINES, through a build-operate-transfer arrangement with the Philippine government, operates and maintains a power plant on the island of Luzon.

TOTAL FACILITY GENERATION CAPACITY                          150 megawatts

OWNED GENERATION CAPACITY                                         128 megawatts

OPERATIONAL AVAILABILITY                                                  Long-term average greater than 99 percent

CalEnergy Philippines is a MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company affiliate, a global leader in the production, supply and distribution of energy. It explores and develops energy sources that are reliable, renewable, clean, indigenous, economical and beneficial to the environment.

In 1994, CalEnergy sought to further develop the Philippines’ vast water reserves. It took on the challenge of implementing a modified design for the long-planned Casecnan Transbasin Project that aimed to maximize the benefits of the underutilized Pantabangan Dam.

The Casecnan Multipurpose Irrigation and Power Project is a combined hydro and irrigation facility that diverts excess water from the Casecnan and Taan rivers through a 16-mile tunnel to a generating plant. The water is used to irrigate nearly 137,000 hectares of rice fields in central Luzon. In addition to generating electricity from its own hydro plant, the Casecnan facility feeds water to two other nearby hydro plants.

In March 2011, after nearly 10 years, CalEnergy Philippines achieved 1.5 million safe man-hours worked without a lost-time accident. In 2011, CalEnergy Philippines also achieved its Triple Zero safety goal of zero lost-time accidents, zero Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable incidents, and zero preventable vehicle accidents for the first time since the company started operations.

CalEnergy provides assistance to local governments and communities through its corporate social responsibility programs and supports educational opportunities, livelihood projects, and environmental stewardship, and infrastructure development.

CalEnergy Philippines completed a six-year pilot reforestation program in 2010, with more than 3,600 hectares reforested, and maintenance of reforested areas is ongoing.


CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are focused on delivering reliability, dependability, fair prices and exceptional service to our customers around the world.

EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT. We equip employees with the resources and support they need to be successful. We encourage teamwork and provide a safe rewarding work environment. We make no compromise when it comes to safety.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPECT. Natural resources are essential for the production of energy. We are committed to using these resources wisely and protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations. Our Environmental RESPECT Policy details this commitment in the areas of Responsibility, Efficiency, Stewardship, Performance, Evaluation, Communication and Training.

REGULATORY INTEGRITY. We adhere to the policy of strict regulatory compliance and pursue frequent, open communication with regulators regarding our business performance.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. Together with our employees, we pride ourselves on excellence in every aspect of our work. Our high standards for operations and system maintenance enable us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, perform our work safely, and preserve our assets.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH. We are excellent stewards of our substantial financial resources. Backed by Berkshire Hathaway, we invest in hard assets and focus on long-term opportunities that will contribute to the future strength of the company.